Graduation & Stress

I have been planning all year for my daughters graduation party and it has been nothing but a headache. Being a single father sometimes stresses me out because I am not a big party planner, she deserves a great party for all of her hard work.

Last year, I rented a hall down the street from our house to have the party because my house is to small to accommodate all of our family and friends. I did invite my Middlesbrough escorts companion to accompany me for this happy day.

I have some last minute pick ups to do such as picking up the balloons, cake, party decorations and all of the tableware. The D.J. is all set and I made sure that the bar is fully stocked with pop, beer, wine and liquor.

Shoveling Snow

I was out shoveling 5 inches of snow this morning in front of my house and cars were getting stuck everywhere on my street. The neighbors and I helped push out a couple of cars that got stuck going around the corner.

The one woman that I pushed out asked me for my phone number and said that she was going to send me money for helping her. A half hour went by and my phone was ringing with a strange number on it. It was her asking me if I was single and that she was very attracted to me. She went on to tell me that she works for the London escorts agency and wants to go out on a date with me.

I told her to give me a call this weekend and we would go out somewhere. In the past, I have never had something strange like this happen to me.

My Free Mother

Ever since my mother and father went through their bad divorce she claimed that she would never get into another relationship again, not a serious one anyways. For the last ten years, she has gone through several fuck buddies and still is not looking for anything serious. I guess she is just determined to stay single the rest of her life.

She used to worry me because she had so many buddies that I could not keep track of them all. I felt like I was her babysitter and checked in with her all times of the day.

Now she only has two of them that she still talks to and goes out with. I feel more comfortable because I have met both of them and they are actually really nice gentlemen. They do not know about each other and that is the only thing that worries me, if one of them finds out I always worry what they may do to my mother.

There is No Way

I can never really tell if a chicks into me or not, they are also putting on a big front. Even if they don’t like you they will pretend to just because they do not want to be rude. But in all reality that is even worse than denying a guy. No man wants a girl to fake feelings because once he feels like he is king he will be shot down in a matter of seconds. I like to avoid these situations by having ladyboy telephone sex or only hanging out with women I know. A lot of my friends think I am insane for not putting myself out there but I would rather be happy than get denied over and over again. That is a lot for my self-esteem to take.

Finding a Friend

Recently, a business trip took me to England. As an American, I had business acquaintances in the city but no true friends. Therefore, spending a few days in a foreign city seemed like a lonely and boring proposition. However, a friend from the States told me about finding an escort. So I began to look for information regarding escorts in the area. I quickly discovered escorts in Brighton are a wonderful idea. I met a young lady and we spent the evening at the theatre and a wonderful dinner. Had I not met that wonderful escort, the story of Dracula and the immaculate seafood entrée would have only increased my loneliness. However, now sitting in my office, back in Chicago, I look forward to the next trip abroad and the adventures it may offer. Who knows maybe my bosses will send me back?

Please Everyone, Wish Me Luck

I’m out of town for the weekend in Leeds for a business trip I take almost every year. This year I will be meeting with managers of a company we are looking to bring into our business. The whole meeting has had me very nervous and on edge since I arrived here. The meeting is not until tommorow afternoon so I have decided to go out on a date with a lady from Leeds escort agency. I need this time to relax, have a good time and release all my stress before tommorows duties are here. I figured after going out for an evening, I will be able to comfortably sit through the meeting and be less tense. We will only see how this evening goes and how well it will ease my mind with this whole business trip. I am wishing myself the best of luck here, and I hope all my friends and family are doing the same.

A Day At The Beach

This past summer I went to the beach on a hot summer day with a couple of my friends. We were playing volleyball and the ball ending up rolling over to a group of woman bathing in the sun. The ball hit one of the ladies in the foot and she picked it up and started flirting with me immediately, I couldn’t believe it.

We started a conversation and then we went and sat for an afternoon of drinks at the outdoor bar and grill. Later that night she came back to my condo and we had a very intimate night until the sun came up. I knew that night that I had found the fuck buddy that I had been looking for and am experiencing one of the hottest experiences ever!

A Boring Trip

I just arrived in town yesterday and I am very happy to be home. I spent the last few weeks in London with my boss and everyday there seemed to drag. Now that I am home, I can relax and go back to my everyday routine that I love so much. As my welcoming home gift, my brother got me a date from Mansfield escorts. I thought it was hilarious, but awesome that he did this for me. I think after a few weeks of dealing with my boss and boring conversations, that I deserve all this and more. My boss is a hard man to please and an even harder man to spark a conversation with. If you talk about business, he could go on all day, but if it’s about life itself, you will hit a dead end road.