Broke & Curious

I started hanging out with this little click of girls at the bar on payday. Every week I wondered how they could spend so much money on beer, shots, drugs and cigarettes. I wanted to get in on the party because I work forty hours a week and don’t make much to even get by. I knew they all worked together but I did not know where, so I asked them one night.

They all started laughing and then started telling me all the stories about them working for the Newcastle escort agency. I was offered a job from them right away because I am a very good looking female. So I have been working now for about 2 months and my clientele is starting to grow slowly but surely. I can not wait to be able to be caught up on all of my bills and have some little spending money for myself.

The Smart Decision

Last night I worked my normal 3-11 shift and left by quarter after. On my way out the door I noticed a really familiar face walking down the street with a lady from Birmingham escort agency. It took me all night to remember that I had went to college with him a few years back. If I remember correctly he dropped out of all my classes because his twin brother passed away in a biking accident. I have not seen him ever since and I must say he looks like he has picked himself up and actually made something of himself. People all deal with death differently. They either go down the wrong road and ruin themselves or thrive for something better in life to make the deceased proud, as awkward as that sounds. But, needless to say I am very proud of the man I barely knew.

The weekend is here!

The weekend is here and it’s time to have some fun. On Saturday afternoon, the guys and me are going to watch our football team play at home followed by a few beers at our local. Then we plan to get a taxi into town and meet up with Sophie, Jane and Lisa, three Surrey escorts that we have seen before. They usually come with us to a nightclub when the pubs close but this weekend it will depend on whether they have other appointments to go to. They are a really good laugh and we’ve all become friends in a way. No Saturday is complete without a curry at the end of the night so we’ll probably end up getting a take away and going back to Mike’s flat in Victoria if his girlfriend has gone to visit her parents up north.

My Free Mother

Ever since my mother and father went through their bad divorce she claimed that she would never get into another relationship again, not a serious one anyways. For the last ten years, she has gone through several fuck buddies and still is not looking for anything serious. I guess she is just determined to stay single the rest of her life.

She used to worry me because she had so many buddies that I could not keep track of them all. I felt like I was her babysitter and checked in with her all times of the day.

Now she only has two of them that she still talks to and goes out with. I feel more comfortable because I have met both of them and they are actually really nice gentlemen. They do not know about each other and that is the only thing that worries me, if one of them finds out I always worry what they may do to my mother.

A Boring Trip

I just arrived in town yesterday and I am very happy to be home. I spent the last few weeks in London with my boss and everyday there seemed to drag. Now that I am home, I can relax and go back to my everyday routine that I love so much. As my welcoming home gift, my brother got me a date from Mansfield escorts. I thought it was hilarious, but awesome that he did this for me. I think after a few weeks of dealing with my boss and boring conversations, that I deserve all this and more. My boss is a hard man to please and an even harder man to spark a conversation with. If you talk about business, he could go on all day, but if it’s about life itself, you will hit a dead end road.